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About Us

We are a nationwide full service provider of multiple ATM and Credit Card programs and solutions. Apex ATM specializes in offering innovative processing programs to merchants and distributors for over 15 years. We offer complete ATM and credit card solutions that include top of the line equipment from leading manufacturers as well as transaction processing, installation, training, customer service and maintenance programs. Our Merchant Services department offers the most competitive credit card processing rates in the industry and processing solutions that will satisfy all types of businesses. Our objective is to match your business with right solution to increase revenue, customer loyalty and growth. Here are some bullet points of the strengths of our company:

  • Currently we are able to do processing in all 50 states
  • Offer ATM sales, ATM lease, free ATM placement, and full service options
  • Responsive, professional service and support staff
  • Competitive pricing on ATM Machines that are ATM industry leaders
  • Distributors for Genmega ATMs, Nautilus Hyosung ATMs, Hantle ATMs, and Triton ATMs

Apex ATM is a responsible and responsive business partner by providing the highest quality customer care in the ATM industry.

Apex ATM is NOT contractually obligated to buy any specific brand name ATM from any one particular ATM manufacturer, thus allowing us to choose the best ATM that will work to satisfy the unique needs of our ATM customers.  If you like our philosophy, call us now at 866-326-APEX.