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The Hantle 1700w Retail ATM represents best in class performance and uncompromising value in a confidence inspiring design. Raising the bar for Retail ATMs, the Hantle 1700W provides the all latest technologies and high end features in a modern, elegant design. This machine has visuals that are sure to catch the eye of customers.

The Hantle c4000 combines the ‘best in class’ convergence between ATM and self-service functionality. Like The Hantle 1700w, this machine also has visuals that are eye-catching. It has a standard integrated illuminating topper and an optional high-brightness topper and that creates high visibility to costumers.

In a marketplace with constant change, Hantle’s Mini-Bank x4000 offers advanced functionality and value to keep up with market demand. It has many high-end standard features that deliver quality performance without sacrificing value. It has a standard illuminated topper and three optional features: high brightness topper, customizable graphic panel insert and video topper.

The Hantle t4000 ATM provides an economical, high performance through-the-wall solution with the look and feel of an actual bank ATM. It has an integrated illuminated topper for creating high visibility and attracting costumers and a high-bright 10.4 inch 32-bit color, backlit monitor with sun-viewable TFT-LCD panel and 800×600 SVGA resolution.