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Free Merchant Rate Analysis
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  • Free shipping and installation
  • Free training
  • Free online monitoring
  • Free 1yr warranty on parts
  • Free 24-hour customer support
  • Add to bookmarks
  • Free monthly statements
  • Nationwide service

How It Works

  • The customer inserts his bankcard in the ATM and requests a withdrawal.
  • The ATM dials a toll-free number to contact the appropriate network such as Star® Plus® or Cirrus®, which then contacts the customer’s financial institution.
  • The customer’s funds are verified by their financial institution.
  • If funds are available, the transaction is approved and the customer receives cash from the ATM.
  • The withdrawal amount and the surcharge are debited from the customer’s account.
  • The transaction is processed through the Federal Reserve’s automated clearing house.
  • Both the surcharge and the withdrawal amount are electronically deposited in the ATM owner’s account.